Monday, December 22, 2008

Making COOKIES!!!

Today I decided to give cookie making with the boys a try. I bought a gingerbread cake mix that had directions for turning it into cookie dough also on it. I do not think the actual cookie tastes to great but the boys did a good job decorating them. We had a lot of fun. I even went out on a limb and let them form the little men. Here are some of the pictures.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Card Pictures

I had been worried that I would not be able to get a good picture to send out with Christmas cards but while we were in Oklahoma the boys got to sit on Santa's lap for the first time. We do not really try to make the boys think Santa is real. With Jacob, we explained that a long time ago there was a guy that wanted to do something nice for children that did not have anything and people today still like to carry on the tradition of kindness and thinking of others, using Santa, a guy in a red suit, who they say is magical and has reindeer that fly. We also explained that Christmas is really about Jesus and even though we should want to be kind and think of others, we should want to be more like Jesus and do it all year long like Jesus did, not just at Christmas time with Santa. Jacob was very accepting and we also told him that if a child thinks that Santa is real, he was not to tell them he was not. Well, long story even longer, when it came time to do all of this with Benjamin, it did not work. He is so convinced that since he sees pictures and toys of Santa that he is most certainly real. We finally had to tell him "That even though Santa is NOT real, if he wanted to believe that he is, then he could." Sooooo, while shopping in Bass Pro Shop in OKC, they had free pictures with Santa. John said we could do it so we did. Benjamin was ELATED, not to mention I got some good shots. Since we were in Oklahoma visiting with family, I could not let the opportunity of getting all the boys together for a picture with Santa. The store was open on Thanksgiving so while my mom, sisters, and I cooked, John took the boys by to get one taken. So when Christmas cards go out, the pic inside will probably be of the boys with Santa.

Here are a few of them:

Monday, December 1, 2008


What a wonderful way to start off the month of December! It has snowed all day long. The kids at school had sooo much fun. It almost seemed mean to make them do any work. We did let them have a little extra free time to have a good snowball fight. Benjamin and Jacob were so excited. When it stopped for a while Ben asked me why it had stopped. I told him that God decided it had snowed enough and he said "Mommy, please tell God it needs to snow some more." About an hour later it started to snow again. The flakes were so big and fluffy, they made great snowballs. The boys were grateful for what snow came but were disappointed that there was not enough to make a snowman.

Here are some shots of the boys at school having the time of their lives.

While the kids were having a snowball fight outside from the snow that had accumulated on the cars tables and whatever else, the teachers were inside watching them.

It was a wonderful day and we hope it is a sign of maybe having a White Christmas this year!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Family Update

I cannot believe that it has been so long since I have updated my blog!!! It has been a very busy last couple of weeks. I have joined face book (like I need something else to take up my time!) so if I get the chance to get on the computer, I have been trying to figure my way around that site. It has been real fun. I have been able to talk to a lot of friends that I have not seen or spoken to in a very long time. I have been kidnapped a couple of times, and I have kidnapped a few people myself. I have set up a virtual Christmas tree so people can send me ornaments and wrapped presents. Like I said I have been having fun with it.

The boys have been real busy also. Along with school, Jacob has joined the Bible Quiz team at church. He has to learn 2 verses everyday. The children have been staying after church on Sunday morning with Sis Kimmie, Sis Camille, and Sis Jessica, (bless their souls), and practicing. Sis Jessica, has picked up Jacob once a week to work one on one with helping him learn his verses. Jacob really likes it, except the studying part... ha ha.

Benjamin had a "Visitor" at school the other day come to tell his class a story. Her name was "Mrs. Esmeralda". The boys, Benjamin, Elijah, And Tyler, had a blast. They had sliced apples and peanut butter to eat while she told them a story about "Grumpy Gracie". Here are a couple of pics of Mrs. Esmeralda and the boys, and Jacob and his teacher SIS I.

We are also getting ready to go to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. We are all real excited. The boys and I have not been there for a year and a half, it has been longer for John. We are also taking Granny O. with us. The boys cannot wait to see their cousins, Zach and Alex, and their Nanny and Papaw. We are planning to take the video camera, if I remember, so hopefully we can get some good stuff on it. I will definitely have some pictures to post. Maybe it will not take me too long to get them up.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last week the boys and I bought a couple of pumpkins at the store and we were finally able to get them put together. This was the first time either one of them have done this and it was really funny watching them try to clean them out. Both of them were kind of grossed out with that part. I ended up having to finish cleaning them out so I could save the seeds to roast later. The yard got scattered with pumpkin pulp the boys wanted to see how far it would go. After they were good and cleaned out it was time to decorate. Last year I bought a couple of kits that had been clearanced down to a dollar after halloween. If you remember doing the Lite-Brite things as kids, the kits are kind of like that. They are plastic pegs that you punch into the pumpkin and then you place a battery powered light inside the pumpkin to light up the pegs. Anyways, they turned out really cute except that the ears on Jacobs cat did not photograph very well lighting up in the dark. We all had a really good time and I did get some cute pictures.

Happy Birthday John !!!

Monday, October 27, 2008, My sweet husband turned 33! I was on the internet for about an hour trying to find an idea of what to do for a cake when it hit me, duh, a computer. I am not very good at doing the cake thing but I did want to try. I think it turned out OK and John said he really liked it, although I am not sure if he was just being nice. Tell me what you think!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Trees and Pets

Benjamin's Apple tree is doing quite well. John says we will have to move it in for the winter and I agree. He also says that we will have to cut about one foot off to trim it, that I am not so sure about. I know that you are supposed to prune them, but how much at one time? Well, here is an up to date picture so far of the apple tree.

On the pet note, we have a new one. On Wednesday of last week (10-08-08) there were three puppies that followed their mother to the school. The owners of the mother do not take care of her and this is at least her third set of puppies in a row. When I found out that the last set of puppies were killed because they could not get rid of them, I called John to see if we could have one, or all, of the puppies. I told him that one of the boy puppies looked like a dog we had previously owned. He agreed for us to have ONE.

The boys were so excited when they found out we were going to take him home. they could not believe that Dad had agreed to us having another dog. They decided to name him TIPPER because of the white tips on his tail, paws, and nose.

Here are a couple of pictures of the boys with our other dog, Boots.

Monday, October 6, 2008


The Pentecostals have invaded the City of Cullman, Alabama. I am very happy to say that our OFFICIAL MOVE was on MY BIRTHDAY, September 21, 2008. We started off our Sunday morning service at our now "OLD" church to have morning service there and was going to have evening service at the "NEW" church. As the service progressed Bro. Wilbanks, our Pastor, decided that we should just load up in our cars and create a convoy to the new church, so that is just what we did. Here are some pictures.

A. Last service in Eva, Alabama B. Loading up to leave

Convoy led by Bro. Wilbanks

Pulling into Cornerstone Revival Center on Hwy 69 north in Cullman, Alabama

Everyone was so HAPPY to be there. After we all arrived, Bro. Greg Wilbanks preached a wonderful service and for the Evening service Evangelist Bro. Greg Godwin was there to top it all off. My birthday was filled with such memories I could not think of a better way to remember the day I turned 30 yrs old.

A. Going in to First Service B. First family picture in new church

A. Pastor : Rev. Greg Wilbanks B. Evangelist : Rev. Greg Godwin

Sunday, September 21, 2008


This past week and weekend were very busy and exciting at the same time. We have spent the evenings at our new church praying and filling it with the presence of God to make it ready for the move today. Each night the Spirit of God was all around.
Today is also MY BIRTHDAY!! I am finally admit
ting that I have turned 30 years young. I have been having a hard time dealing with that number and it was stressing me out. But know as I am about to go to bed and the house is quiet except for the sound of my beautiful children sleeping, and a husband who has tried hard all weekend to make my birthday special, see I admitted it, and thoughts of a wonderful church dedication service, more to come on that later this week, I am reminded of how much I do have and how I should be thanking God for giving me those 30 years and allowing me to continue to be here with my family in order to praise Him and do His will. I was told by some friends at work that I should be happy to turn 30 because now I have more wisdom and knowledge to share with my children. So with this in mind I will start fresh right now and look forward to each new day, and year, that God has given me.
Here are some pictures of the weekend.

John and the boys took me to Red Lobster for a birthday dinner.

The girls at work tried to surprise me with a little party. They had cake, ice cream, brownies, chips, dip, and salsa for us to pig out on. They had me a present and some very pretty flowers for me also. We were so busy, I ended up having to cut the cake in between cases and we did not really get to sit down and take a bunch of pictures. Although I did get some thanks to having the camera from dinner earlier.