Monday, April 21, 2008

Yeah! It's Monday!

Hello All!

It has been a long weekend at work. For those who do not know, I am a Nurse in the Operating room. I work Friday and Saturday Nights 7 in the evening to 7 in the morning, so I am happy to welcome Monday morning. For the most part,working is not that hard, but the after effects are sometimes crashing. It took all of my being to make it to church Sunday morning and then stay awake while I was there, (Sorry Bro. Jeremy). I was so embarrassed at myself I had to get up and wash my face and sit in the foyer to listen to the last of the service. Some might say that I should have stayed home, but after the last year and half of what I put myself through with skipping church I am not willing to sacrifice my soul for a little bit of sleep. I know that God will reward my obedience.

This picture was taken on New Years Day 2008 at 0001 from the helicopter pad at work. Me and a co-worker Diane, (who is recovering from a broken arm so please pray for her.)

Working as a Nurse in the Operating Room at night, I mostly see Trauma. This June will be 5 years. I have seen and learned a lot. Mostly, that your life can change in a heartbeat without any notice at all. I truly love my job and can be proud that I am a part of helping some very terrific surgeons save lives.

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The Wisener's said...

Well, I am proud of you and proud to know you! How rewarding it must be to help in the way you do.

That is wonderful! You guys inspire me!!

Love ya~~Kimi