Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Is In The Air!!!

The weather was so beautiful last night and I have been wanting to take some pictures of the boys in the field next door with the wild flowers, so I did. They turned out very cute, (when I could get them both smiling at the camera TOGETHER.) Is it not funny how you try and try to get kids to pose "just right" for that perfect picture and it never seems to turn out, then you snap a few by accident and those are the ones that are the best. We must have been outside 25 minutes trying to get a shot of them together with them both smiling and both looking at the camera. Jacob kept closing his eyes saying that his "Eyes would not stop blinking" and Benjamin kept sticking out his tongue or crossing his eyes. (Do they not understand the importance of PERFECT pictures. LOL) I Was going to only load the "perfect" pictures and then I realized that the still looked absolutely adorable in the "FUN" pictures as they say.


The Alexanders said...

I need to take some spring pictures too! I've been loving this weather!


The Wisener's said...

Oh, those are the cutest pics of the boys. I love the wild flowers all around.

Should they wear a pink tie next time? Ha Ha!! Now I know I'm gonna be on Bro John's black list!! hee hee hee!

Love ya'll~Kimi
ps. I'm inspired to go take some of our kids too. :)