Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TESTING 1...2...

The last several days have been really tough. Friday night I decided to go into work early to help out since they were so short on people. I left the house on Saturday at noon to do a couple of last minute errands before going to work and at 12:15pm a car pulled out in front of me on AL HWY 69 and I ALMOST missed hitting him. I got the corner of the rear bumper. He said he never saw me until after I hit him. Bro Ricky Morgan and Bro Harry Knight were there to help tow the car home for us (Thank You SOOO much!) although we ended up being able to make it drivable, at least in town. Even though it was not that bad of an accident, I was still shaken up so I asked John to drive me to work in the van. He did, and on his way to come get me on Sunday morning (Mothers Day), the transmission in the van went out halfway there and left him stranded on Interstate 65 and me at work. Well, Bro Ricky Morgan to the rescue AGAIN. This time we definitely needed the tow. Bro Morgan went to get John and Sis Cindy came to the rescue for me. I went home with a friend from work and Sis Cindy picked me up there. What a Mothers Day to remember, or forget!!
I thank God for Bro Knight and the Morgans for there kindness and all they have done.
I Also thank everyone that has, or will, helped me out this week and until this is all fixed. It is really hard trying to get along with only one car, but luckily there are plenty of people willing to help me out if I need it. Thank you so much Kristy for taking me with you yesterday and getting me where I needed to go, you are really a great friend and I am lucky you are there for me whenever I need you.
Though it has been a little crazy I know everything is going to work out fine and my world is not going to fall to pieces because of two broken cars.

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Alice said...

So THAT'S why I didn't get a call on Mother's Day!!! Just kidding, I'm glad everyone is ok.
Love Mom