Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!!!

Seven Years ago today something happened to me that changed my life forever!! I became a MOTHER!!! John and I welcomed our sweet little Jacob into the world. This was something I would not change for ANYTHING EVER! Watching him grow into a smart and handsome little man that loves God has been fantastic.Jacob had a great day at his Pirate Birthday Party! He had a lot of friends over for hot dogs, cake, and a treasure hunt. There was a lot of excitement about the hunt and the cake, which I will proudly say that I made all by myself. He also did pretty good in getting cash. He cannot wait to go to the store to spend it, he asked to go tonight.

Before the party was over someone noticed a big turtle in the front yard. This really got everyones attention. One of the little ones asked where I had bought it at and when I said it just came here on his own he asked "Why?" and I said, "He was just stopping by to wish Jacob a Happy Birthday!!"


The Wisener's said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!! We're so excited for you!

We had such a fun time at your party the other day...the best part was just playing and having fun! You gotta come over soon.

See ya Sunday

The Alexanders said...

Hey Michelle!

Cute cake! You did a good job!