Thursday, July 31, 2008

Benjamins Apple Tree Update!

Benjamins' apple tree is growing so fast. I cannot believe that I am going to have to ropot it again so soon. I would just go ahead and plant it in the yard but I am not sure of how it would last the winter. My gardening sense is not very good. I have always been able to get things to grow but keeping them alive was the hard part for me. Can you believe that you are supposed to keep watering things for them to stay alive? This simple truth works for our lives also. It is so easy to get a bunch of things started in our lives, but it is hard to keep up with the watering, nurtureing, and caring of too many things at one time so it is the things we care about that we tend to give most of our time and affection, ie. watering, for them to continue growing.
One more quick mention. We were at Alabama Revival Conference last week and we were staying at the Sheraton for a couple of nights. One of the times we were getting on the elevator to go up to our room, Jacob started to get on it ahead of us and Benjamin thought he was going to be separated from us so he started SCREAMING "JACOB!! JACOB!! NO DON'T GO!!!" Everyone around us was startled at first and then they started to laugh and say how cute Benjamin was to be scared that his brother was going to be separated from him and get lost. Someone mentioned that now everyone knows who Jacob is. That night after church I could not stop thinking of how simple little children are. Benjamin did not think twice about trying to save his brother from going astray. Maybe we should take this example to help us to remember that we should help, not hinder our own church brothers and sisters and if we notice them starting to stray we should not be afraid to SCREAM out to God to help them return where they should be.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hot Sun, Cool Water!!

I have finally gotten around to taking some pictures of the boys in the pool this summer. They turned out really cute. Last year Benjamin would not get in the water unless he had his "Angelfish Ring" on. It has been a journey to getting him used to the pool which is weird since the boy absolutely LOVES water. This might have something to do with him almost drowning not last summer but the year before. We were in the pool ( Jacob, Ben, and I) and Ben was in one of those sit in float rings for babies, I was about 6 feet away from him ( which seemed like a mile when it happened) and Jacob was right next to him. Ben was leaning over to play in the water and the float tipped over trapping him under the water. If it were not for Jacob thinking to grab him and hold his head above the water till I could get there we might have lost him. I praised God for a very smart and fast thinking little boy. Jacob got a lot of attention for that one and still likes to talk about the time he saved his brothers life. Anyway, back to this year, I was able to get Benjamin to use just the arm floats. In his mind he felt safer in the ring because it went all the way around him, in my eyes, he could still fall through the ring and not have any protection, but I was not going to scare him with that fact. Well, he is doing very well, and actually likes the arm floats better than the ring now because he can "swim" like his big brother now. We are working on the swiming part. About Jacob, he is doing very well swimming under water and we are working on swiming with his head out of water. He loves to jump in and try to do a variety of tricks, such as his "cannon bomb" and "belly flop". He is not afraid in the least, which sometimes makes me afraid. While we were swiming I thought it might be fon to bring the small slide on to the deck to see if would work for them to slide into the pool. It took a lot of coaxing to get Benjamin to go down it once he saw Jacob go down and go under the water, but we assured him that if he used a ring he would not go all the way under. He finally did and boy did he love it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Benjamins Apple Tree!

Several months ago, Benjamin planted an apple seed in Sunday School, thank you Sis Loretta, and unlike most of the other children who excitedly took it home then forgot about it, Benjamin INSISTED we take care of it each day so it would turn into an apple tree. Nothing came home from his teacher saying what it was or what to do with it. I am sad to say that I honestly did not think it would grow, I do not know why, but I did not, but still we watered it every other day . Much to my surprise, it did start to sprout. Benjamin was so excited!!! I had to go to his teacher and tell her about the plant. Indeed it was an apple seed that was planted. Since then we have re-potted the tree twice, and it is still growing strong. We now plan on planting it in the yard next summer!

Remember When We Did This !?!

Last week Jacob and Benjamin came running in from playing outside and said that they needed popsicles to put in a cooler to take outside. After quizzing them further, I found out that our neighbor had put together a Lemonade stand for the kids and Jacob and Ben wanted to sell something with them in the stand. It was so cute. I helped the boys fill the cooler and we headed outside. The stand had been up for about 20 min and they had already gone through half a pitcher with no customers. The mail ran and Nathan, one of the neighbor boys ran after them saying "nooooo, stoooop, pleeeeease come back and buy some pink lemonade!!!" His dad said that he was doing that each time a car would come by. They ended up staying out there for about an hour and a half selling to only thier mom and myself. They were so dissapointed that no one would stop that I remebered when I was little and tried the same thing. I remembered how it felt to get so excited about something and then it not turn out how I thought it would. Wait a minute, I think I felt like that last week also!! Well, I decided that whenever I see little ones trying to sell something, I am going to try my best to help them out!!