Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Remember When We Did This !?!

Last week Jacob and Benjamin came running in from playing outside and said that they needed popsicles to put in a cooler to take outside. After quizzing them further, I found out that our neighbor had put together a Lemonade stand for the kids and Jacob and Ben wanted to sell something with them in the stand. It was so cute. I helped the boys fill the cooler and we headed outside. The stand had been up for about 20 min and they had already gone through half a pitcher with no customers. The mail ran and Nathan, one of the neighbor boys ran after them saying "nooooo, stoooop, pleeeeease come back and buy some pink lemonade!!!" His dad said that he was doing that each time a car would come by. They ended up staying out there for about an hour and a half selling to only thier mom and myself. They were so dissapointed that no one would stop that I remebered when I was little and tried the same thing. I remembered how it felt to get so excited about something and then it not turn out how I thought it would. Wait a minute, I think I felt like that last week also!! Well, I decided that whenever I see little ones trying to sell something, I am going to try my best to help them out!!

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The Alexanders said...

How cute! Madison, Brooke, and Lexy did that at the 10 mile yard sale last year. Maybe you should try something like that.