Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School!!!!

Wow 2 posts in one day, I am good!!
Today was the first day of school. The boys were so excited. Jacob started 2nd grade and Ben is in Preschool. Both of my boys are in school, I think I am going to cry. Ben was sooooo happy to be in school like his big brother so he could take his lunch and get homework also.
I have been pretty nervous these last couple of days not only because of Both of them going to school but because I am teaching this year at the school. I have 7-11th graders, 5 classes. Now that the first day of school has come and gone, I am little more relaxed. I think it is going to be a year FULL of fun and learning. Here are some pics from the day.

Here Is how we all felt at the end of the day!!!!

Like Father, Like Son!

Just Thought I would post a fast note. The other day John let Jacob climb the tree in the front yard. The bottom branches are pretty high so Jacob had to use a rope to pull himself up there. Once he was up there I think John got jealous and decided to get up there also. Aren't they CUTE!!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jacob at Baseball Practice

Jacob has baseball practice with our church kids on Wednesday nights and John usually takes him, but since John has been working up at our new church building alot after work he was not able to take him this week, so I did. I will admit that I was not excited about sitting outside in the sticky heat with the mosquitoes for an hour and a half but since Jacob missed last week due to us going to Six Flags I was not going to make him miss this week too. I decided to take the camera because I did not know how many more practices they would be having, that I would go to. I actually got several good pictures, even some with the ball in it. Those kids are so cute trying so hard to play the way the big kids play. There are actually several of the older ones that are pretty good at it. Here are some of the pics.

Here is Jacob hitting the ball. Isn't this a cool picture!!!
Here he is waiting to go home and then going for it.
"V" is for VICTORY

Monday, August 11, 2008

Six Flags

Hello All! Last Wednesday, John and I and a couple of friends of ours, Rodney and Phyllis, went to Six Flags Over Georgia. We had a lot of FUN! Even thought the heat was completely exhausting, most of the lines were not very long. I think the longest we had to wait was about 45 mins and that was for the Goliath, and that includes about 10 min extra for the front of the ride. Most of the rides were about a 15 min wait with a little extra for the front. The Worst line was for the Batman, The line went through "tunnels and drain pipes" up to the loading area and they did not have any fans on or anything to move the air around and since the space was enclosed it was a miserable 2o min wait. I rode all of the rides but the Goliath and the SuperMan. We all decided that if we go again then it will definitely be during the week, Saturdays the lines are too long. We were able to leave the boys at home with their Granny O since they are not big enough to ride the rides. Phyllis was talking about a park that does not cost much to go and all of the rides are for the kids. I think that we are going to try to do that when the weather cools off some. Well here is a picture of the four of us.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Reunion Fun

This past Saturday was the Russell Family Reunion, Johns Moms side of the family. There was not a HUGE turn out but we still had a good time. One of Johns Uncles nor his 2 Daughters made it. Last year there were plenty of children running around, about 15, this year there were 8 that could run around on their own and 3 that were too little to go around by themselves. They had a lot of fun playing with one another. Everyone likes to see each other and catch up on what we have all been doing the last year. We always agree that we do not get together enough, but nothing more comes of it. It is very hard to plan a get-together with so many people who live so far apart. The Reunion is held in Greenville, Alabama. Most of the people live in Montgomery and south of that.
Last year there was talk of a Cousin Reunion. This year, I am going to plan one. The kids have so much fun playing and the parents have a good time talking.

The Next Pictures are Pictures of the Church that Johns Mom and Grandmother went to church. Johns Grandmother continued to go there until she died and was then buried in the cemetery next to it.