Friday, August 15, 2008

Jacob at Baseball Practice

Jacob has baseball practice with our church kids on Wednesday nights and John usually takes him, but since John has been working up at our new church building alot after work he was not able to take him this week, so I did. I will admit that I was not excited about sitting outside in the sticky heat with the mosquitoes for an hour and a half but since Jacob missed last week due to us going to Six Flags I was not going to make him miss this week too. I decided to take the camera because I did not know how many more practices they would be having, that I would go to. I actually got several good pictures, even some with the ball in it. Those kids are so cute trying so hard to play the way the big kids play. There are actually several of the older ones that are pretty good at it. Here are some of the pics.

Here is Jacob hitting the ball. Isn't this a cool picture!!!
Here he is waiting to go home and then going for it.
"V" is for VICTORY


Ladymaegran said...

Hi Guys!
Just thought I'd say "HI" to you all, especially my 2 sweet grandsons there in ALA. Looks like you are having fun Jacob, hit a homerun for Nanny! Ben, your tree is awesome!


okiegirl1949 said...


i just emailed you mother and told her I thought Jacob looked like a Bradford. I called my mother in to look at the picture of him when he was a baby and asked her who she thought the picture looked like. I had not said anything to her about what I was looking at so she had no idea who it was. Her immediate response was "Hughes" !!

Your cousin,


The Alexanders said...

Hey MO,

I guess I haven't checked your blog in a few days! Now I see the pics you were talking about. They turned out good. Madison wanted to go that night, too, but I wouldn't let her! Haha! She only wanted to go so she could hang out with Micaylah, but I was so tired that evening! Oh well. ~Kristy

The Wisener's said...

Jacob looks so cute! He can really hit that ball. How fun!

Love you, The Wisener's

LyndaP31 said...

HI there! My name is Lynda Pellitteri and I am supposed to be cousins of yours. Sheri from Oklahoma found my blog ( I am living in Versailles after moving from Conroe, TX! Mom and Dad (Catherine and Charlie) are still in Susanville CA. If you want, we can share links! :O)