Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Like Father, Like Son!

Just Thought I would post a fast note. The other day John let Jacob climb the tree in the front yard. The bottom branches are pretty high so Jacob had to use a rope to pull himself up there. Once he was up there I think John got jealous and decided to get up there also. Aren't they CUTE!!!!!!


Tina said...

My kids LOVE to climb trees! We have a big Magnolia in the front they are always climbing. You will have to ask Bert about his tree climbing skills...lol. One of our kittens went really high in a tree and the kids were all upset so Bert had to go up there and get it...he was our hero!

Ladymaegran said...

So that's where Jacob gets his tree-climbing ability! But then, Zach and Alex also are tree monkeys(and Alicia,too!)