Monday, August 4, 2008

Reunion Fun

This past Saturday was the Russell Family Reunion, Johns Moms side of the family. There was not a HUGE turn out but we still had a good time. One of Johns Uncles nor his 2 Daughters made it. Last year there were plenty of children running around, about 15, this year there were 8 that could run around on their own and 3 that were too little to go around by themselves. They had a lot of fun playing with one another. Everyone likes to see each other and catch up on what we have all been doing the last year. We always agree that we do not get together enough, but nothing more comes of it. It is very hard to plan a get-together with so many people who live so far apart. The Reunion is held in Greenville, Alabama. Most of the people live in Montgomery and south of that.
Last year there was talk of a Cousin Reunion. This year, I am going to plan one. The kids have so much fun playing and the parents have a good time talking.

The Next Pictures are Pictures of the Church that Johns Mom and Grandmother went to church. Johns Grandmother continued to go there until she died and was then buried in the cemetery next to it.


ladymaegran said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! (Especially my adorable GrandSons!)

The Alexanders said...

Wow, that was a small church, wasn't it?!

The Wisener's said...

Give it a couple of more years and by the looks of the photo of the won't be long until you have a huge family reunion!

How fun that will be!