Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Growing Boys!!!

Last week I took the boys to the Doctor for a check up and for Benjamin to get some shots for school. I had to tell Ben that he was going to get shots in order to prepare him for it. Last time he had them he went ballistic and said he never wanted to see the doctor again. Anyways, I had him all prepped and we even went to Toys-R-Us and got a post doctor visit toy. We were ready! When we got to the doctor and I talked to her about the shots, she promptly said, in front of Benjamin, that he did not need any and would not until he was 6yrs old. I was surprised and asked her why and she said that they give the last round of shots between 4-6yrs and she preferred to give them closer to 6yrs but we could give them know if I wanted to. Well, since she said right in front of Benjamin he did not need any I was not going to convince him to go ahead and get them. They did however get a finger prick and the Flu Mist, which they were not to excited about. Benjamin also had his blood pressure taken for the first time, he said "Mommy, I did not like that hug on my arm!!"

Jacob is in the 90% in height and weight and Benjamin is in 60% weight and 75% height. My babies are getting sooo BIG!!!!!

Here are a few Pics from the visit!!


The Alexanders said...

OK, that's cute and all, but did you have to show us pictures of the boys with the thing up their nose?! Haha! Poor kids, no privacy! Remind me not to take you with me to my next doctor's visit! Hahaha! That would be really bad! ~K

ladymaegran said...

This is great! (At least for Nanny!) I get to see special growing up things that I would otherwise have missed, being so far away. Hope they are not TOO embarrassed when they get older!
Love, Nanny