Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last week the boys and I bought a couple of pumpkins at the store and we were finally able to get them put together. This was the first time either one of them have done this and it was really funny watching them try to clean them out. Both of them were kind of grossed out with that part. I ended up having to finish cleaning them out so I could save the seeds to roast later. The yard got scattered with pumpkin pulp the boys wanted to see how far it would go. After they were good and cleaned out it was time to decorate. Last year I bought a couple of kits that had been clearanced down to a dollar after halloween. If you remember doing the Lite-Brite things as kids, the kits are kind of like that. They are plastic pegs that you punch into the pumpkin and then you place a battery powered light inside the pumpkin to light up the pegs. Anyways, they turned out really cute except that the ears on Jacobs cat did not photograph very well lighting up in the dark. We all had a really good time and I did get some cute pictures.


ladymaegran said...

The pumpkins look awesome! And it looks like you had so much fun! A lady at the grocery store told me to make sure you roast the pumpkin flesh, it's so good.

Love Mom

The Alexanders said...

that looks like fun!