Monday, December 1, 2008


What a wonderful way to start off the month of December! It has snowed all day long. The kids at school had sooo much fun. It almost seemed mean to make them do any work. We did let them have a little extra free time to have a good snowball fight. Benjamin and Jacob were so excited. When it stopped for a while Ben asked me why it had stopped. I told him that God decided it had snowed enough and he said "Mommy, please tell God it needs to snow some more." About an hour later it started to snow again. The flakes were so big and fluffy, they made great snowballs. The boys were grateful for what snow came but were disappointed that there was not enough to make a snowman.

Here are some shots of the boys at school having the time of their lives.

While the kids were having a snowball fight outside from the snow that had accumulated on the cars tables and whatever else, the teachers were inside watching them.

It was a wonderful day and we hope it is a sign of maybe having a White Christmas this year!!!

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Journey to Lilly! said...

Anthony & Makenzie had a blast!! I heard you were hit with a few snowballs by my kids! I wish I had been there!!
lv ya,