Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Time!!!

Finally got a chance to take pictures of the boys for Christmas cards. I hope I will be able to get cards done soon so they will be mailed in time for Christmas. Here are a couple of the pics.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Me, An Artist!!!!

I went to a little place this past thursday with a group of friends from work to a place named ARTBUZZ! We had the best time. You get there and the instructor has everything you need to paint a picture. She takes you through step by step to making a very nice painting. We had a lot of fun just getting out of the house to spend time with friends. Christina, Kara, LeAnne, and myself had so much fun we are going to try to make it a once a month thing for girls night out. We are hoping more of our work buddies will be able to make it next time. Here are a couple of pics from the night.

This is one of LeAnne and I just getting started.

Christina and Kara making some progress.

Only 2 hours later our project was complete I must say we ALL did a good Job!

Group Picture!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Pictures!

Just thought I would load up some random pictures I have taken lately. The first couple are family pics from our trip. They were taken in Arkansas at the Mid-America Museum. I wish I had more pictures of us all together but I guess you get what you can.

Now here are some pics I took of random things in the yard. The first is a pic of a Praying Mantis on our rose bush out front that John bought during the beginning of summer. The bush puts out Very Pretty roses and there have been a lot of Praying Mantis's out at the house this summer and fall so far. The other two are just pics of some of the roses that had bloomed on the bush. The last one is a picture of the sunset that I just happened to think was pretty one night I was driving to work. It all makes me smile and think of the beauty God has created all around us and how so much of it is taken for granted. We sometimes need to take the time to just smell the roses.

Hope You Enjoy!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My FireFighter Husband!!!

I am not sure if everyone knows, but John is a Volunteer FireFighter for our town, Fairview, AL. They are given a radio that they keep with them at the times when it is possible for them to go and assist with fires and car wrecks. John has also taken several classes that has allowed him to become a Certified First Responder for medical calls. The radio thing takes A LOT to get used to, especially when it goes off at 2am. It gets even worse when you remember that you are not getting paid for it. There are also times, like just recently, when someone wants to do a controlled burn or wants to burn something big that they call the fire department and they go and do it for them. A couple of weeks ago someone wanted to burn down an old mobile home and John and another volunteer, Harry Knight, went out to do it. The boys really wanted to go watch Daddy burn something so we went out for a little bit and I was able to snap some pictures while we were there. Here are a few of them.

I just wanted to take the time to talk about my wonderful husband! He works very hard and is a blessing in my life and in the lives of our two terrific boys. We are very thankful that we have each other and are looking forward to all that God has in store for our lives!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

More of Oklahoma!

I did not expect it to take so long to post again but at least it was a little faster than past posts. Here are a couple more pics from our trip to Oklahoma. We went to the Wichita Mountains with my sister Alicia and my nephews Zach and Alex. We all had a TERRIFIC time!! If you have never been there, it is in Lawton, Oklahoma. You can see the highest mountain, Mt. Scott, from a while away, it is almost 1000 ft. Now I know if you are from just about anywhere but Oklahoma you are laughing pretty hard right now at me calling that a mountain but trust me, in Oklahoma that is pretty big! LOL! Okay now, on the way in Zach, my oldest nephew, was very adament about wanting to climb it so John took both Zach and Jacob to clib it. It took them longer than John anticipated but the did it. We were very proud of the boys, they did great! The mountain behind them is Mt. Scott.

I hate that I do not have the picture if them at the top of the mountain but maybe I can ammend later. Since Alex has asthma and we did not have an inhaler, Alicia and I took Ben and Alex to climb Little Baldy, a very little mountain but to them it was big enough! Little Baldy is behind them in the picture.

While we were there we also went fishing. Everyone caught fish, that were fishing. By the end of the day we were ALL sunburned and VERY TIRED! But it was all well worth it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm Back!!!!!!

It has been way to long since Ihave updated my blog but I promise to do better in the near future. We just got back from a trip to Oklahoma visiting family. We all stayed very busy and had a great time!! One of the first things we did was take my nephews fishing. I was off taking pictures of Benjamin chasing geese so I missed Alex's fish (the first catch). But I did get Zach's picture and then some of the boys by the water.

We also went to the Science Museum of Oklahoma (formerly known as the Omniplex). EVERYONE had a great time there!! They had a "Science Live" show that was basically blowing things up and playing with fire, cool huh? The host was very funny, the boys, and John, mimic his "DUST OF DOOM" routine still. We watched an Ocean show in the omni-dome theatre, which is a huge circular screen that makes you feel like you are actually in the film, in our case it was the ocean, very cool! I also got pics of the boys in the same spot in the gardens that we took some about 6 years ago. I cannot wait to scrapbook the two together.

I am going to make this a "to be continued" so I do not overload my home computer if I get the chance to work on it there (dial up internet). I promise it will not be to long of a wait!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Benjamin is FIVE!!!!!

My sweet baby Benjamin turned 5 on March 27th. I wanted to have a birthday party that was inexpensive yet the kids would enjoy. A friend of mine told me about having a birthday party with the Fire Department. She explained that they gave the kids a tour of the Fire Station and let them look at and play on a truck. I thought it was a good idea and decided to give the Fire Department a call. It turned out it was a go and they ended up having a wonderful time.

Here is a picture of the group in front of one of the Fire Trucks.

Here is a picture of the Fire Fighter talking to the group about the new Fire Truck. I think John was having just as much fun if not more that the kids were.
After the talk the Fire Fighter took the kids around the truck and showed them the things that they have on the truck such as the "JAWS OF LIFE" and some really big scissors that are used to rescue people who get stuck in car accidents. Then they let the kids climb in the cab of the truck to try on the headsets and sit in the seats to pretend they were going to go fight a fire. They had a blast.

Finally they let the kids try on the outfit and try to walk around.

When we left the Fire Station we went to Heritage Park for cake and the playground. On the way to the Fire Station I realized, the good picture taking mom that I am, that I forgot a camera. I used my cell phone to take pictures at the Fire Department and by the time we got to the park, my cell phone battery died and I was unable to take a picture of his fire birthday cake. Everyone had a good time and the party only cost me the cost of the cake. Pretty good don't you think?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bible Quizzing at Cornerstone

I have noticed that it has been over 2 months since I last posted. I am so embarrassed!!!! I have not been the good mother that takes pictures of everything lately. I have been the busy mother that just wants to rest when she gets home. Anyways, Last month I was able to go with the quizzers to the tournament in Bessemer, Al. and had a great time. I have since been recruited to help, thanks Sis. Kimmie. I am really proud of both the Junior quizzers, of whom Jacob is a part of, and the Senior Quizzers.
The junior quizzers had two teams, Cornerstone 1 and Cornerstone 2.
Cornerstone 2 took Second place, this team included Michayla, Austin, Jacob, Brookelyn, and Makinzie:


Cornerstone 1 took First place, this team included Tyler, Garrett, Anthony, and Tommy:


The Senior Quizzers also did a fantastic job taking First Place. This team included Rebekah, Drake, Louis, Preston, Caila, and Brittany.

We were not able to participate in this months tournament but are looking forward to the next one. GO CORNERSTONE!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Morning

Just thought I would post a couple of pictures from Christmas morning.
The boys (all THREE of them) actually talked me into letting them open up the Wii on Christmas Eve. Last year we started a new tradition by letting the boys open up one present (which will always happen to be PJs). So here is a picture of that.


This next one is when they woke up that morning. I thought they would sleep late because I let them open and play with the Wii, the one thing they knew about and were dying to play. I asked John if we should put things out before we went to sleep or just wait until he woke up to do it (he usually wakes up about 4:30am). He said to just wait, we were tired. To our surprise, at 5:10am, we were still in bed, Jacob was awake and asking if he could come sleep with us. We told him no and sent him to his bedroom to go back to sleep. John went into the room with him to let me start putting things out, after about 10 min, John said Jacob was not going back to sleep and we just had to hurry and put everything out. We did have to wake up Benjamin.


The last two pictures are reactions from opening presents. Jacob had just opened a Diego game for his DS (he just got the DS that morning). Benjamin had just pulled out a tube of mini M&M's from his stocking.

__ __

By 7:00am Everyone was fed and ready to play. We spent the evening with a lot of our Church Family and had a wonderful time. We had a Blessed Christmas!