Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Morning

Just thought I would post a couple of pictures from Christmas morning.
The boys (all THREE of them) actually talked me into letting them open up the Wii on Christmas Eve. Last year we started a new tradition by letting the boys open up one present (which will always happen to be PJs). So here is a picture of that.


This next one is when they woke up that morning. I thought they would sleep late because I let them open and play with the Wii, the one thing they knew about and were dying to play. I asked John if we should put things out before we went to sleep or just wait until he woke up to do it (he usually wakes up about 4:30am). He said to just wait, we were tired. To our surprise, at 5:10am, we were still in bed, Jacob was awake and asking if he could come sleep with us. We told him no and sent him to his bedroom to go back to sleep. John went into the room with him to let me start putting things out, after about 10 min, John said Jacob was not going back to sleep and we just had to hurry and put everything out. We did have to wake up Benjamin.


The last two pictures are reactions from opening presents. Jacob had just opened a Diego game for his DS (he just got the DS that morning). Benjamin had just pulled out a tube of mini M&M's from his stocking.

__ __

By 7:00am Everyone was fed and ready to play. We spent the evening with a lot of our Church Family and had a wonderful time. We had a Blessed Christmas!

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The Wisener's said...

Oh, I just love opening a present on Christmas Eve. The PJs are adorable! And perfect for Christmas morning too. Looks like everyone had tons of fun!
Luv you guys!