Saturday, August 29, 2009

More of Oklahoma!

I did not expect it to take so long to post again but at least it was a little faster than past posts. Here are a couple more pics from our trip to Oklahoma. We went to the Wichita Mountains with my sister Alicia and my nephews Zach and Alex. We all had a TERRIFIC time!! If you have never been there, it is in Lawton, Oklahoma. You can see the highest mountain, Mt. Scott, from a while away, it is almost 1000 ft. Now I know if you are from just about anywhere but Oklahoma you are laughing pretty hard right now at me calling that a mountain but trust me, in Oklahoma that is pretty big! LOL! Okay now, on the way in Zach, my oldest nephew, was very adament about wanting to climb it so John took both Zach and Jacob to clib it. It took them longer than John anticipated but the did it. We were very proud of the boys, they did great! The mountain behind them is Mt. Scott.

I hate that I do not have the picture if them at the top of the mountain but maybe I can ammend later. Since Alex has asthma and we did not have an inhaler, Alicia and I took Ben and Alex to climb Little Baldy, a very little mountain but to them it was big enough! Little Baldy is behind them in the picture.

While we were there we also went fishing. Everyone caught fish, that were fishing. By the end of the day we were ALL sunburned and VERY TIRED! But it was all well worth it.

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Tina said...

SOunds like SOOO much fun!! It is about time you keep it up :)
I love the name of the mountain.."little Baldy" lol

Lv ya!!