Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Pictures!

Just thought I would load up some random pictures I have taken lately. The first couple are family pics from our trip. They were taken in Arkansas at the Mid-America Museum. I wish I had more pictures of us all together but I guess you get what you can.

Now here are some pics I took of random things in the yard. The first is a pic of a Praying Mantis on our rose bush out front that John bought during the beginning of summer. The bush puts out Very Pretty roses and there have been a lot of Praying Mantis's out at the house this summer and fall so far. The other two are just pics of some of the roses that had bloomed on the bush. The last one is a picture of the sunset that I just happened to think was pretty one night I was driving to work. It all makes me smile and think of the beauty God has created all around us and how so much of it is taken for granted. We sometimes need to take the time to just smell the roses.

Hope You Enjoy!!!!

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The Wisener's said...

Wow! What a gorgeous sunset! Thanks for reminding us all about taking the time to smell the roses...what a pretty one too!
Lv ya'll!