Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Little Artists.

For Christmas I was stumped at what to do for Johns mom for a present and then after going to my painting class I decided to host a painting class of my own with my sweet boys as the students. I was all set up with everything we needed and we had a blast. I created a picture on the computer of what we were going to paint and we went for it. I wanted it to be a structured thing where i would show them a step and then they would do it themselves. Well, it did not quite go that way. Both of my boys LOVE art and ANY kind of project, so when the brushes hit the first color, there was no stopping them.

When I told them to sign their paintings, boy did they. It looks as if Benjamin turned his upside down to write his name but he did not. He DELIBERATELY signed his name upside down AND backwards. Of course the OCD in me wanted to make him start over but John would not let me. I guess it is kinda cute and it definitely shows his little personality.

Granny, of course loved them on Christmas morning!!!


Nanny said...

I'm looking forward to my pictures!! Love you all!

The Wisener's said...

I love it when the kids get into their art work! It's as much fun to watch them work as it is to do it myself.
Jacob and Ben's pictures turned out so adorable. What a great Mom you are! You are always getting doing fun projects like that!
Love you~

Tina said...

Gr8t pics! Michelle, I accidentally deleted your text before I even got to read it! lol. Send me another one!! Sorry about that!