Friday, February 5, 2010

Hands ON Biology

This past week in my Biology class we dissected pigs. Yes it sounds gross, but we had a lot of fun, and even learned a little while we did it, gasp!! My 10th and 11th graders had the opportunity to see the inside of a pig and they will ALWAYS remember it. It is moments like this when I am soooo glad I am there at Cornerstone Christian Acadamy helping to mold the minds of such wonderful kids. Just seeing the sparkle in thier eyes as they do things and watch the gears in there heads turn making school a not so bad place to be. Here are a few pics.

After looking at the pics and trying to decide which to post I decided to leave out the graphic ones for those who are weak in the tummy area.
I ordered the animals for a website called Home Science Tools. It is a fabulous site for anyone homeschooling or who wants to do some fun experiments with the kids. It has just about everything you need for science from chemistry supplies and chemicals to animals for dissecting. I highly recommend them.


khaye said...

hello sis! i saw in one of your blogs the name of Pastor Greg Willbanks.. I'm wondering if he was the same person who is in the Dream Team who visited the Philippines last year 2001?

Michelle O said...

Yes I believe he is. My family moved to Alabama in 2002 so we were not here when he went. Do you live in the Philippines?