Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Party!

This year we had a contest at school to design a valentine box. The elementary kids were excited about it but the high school kids were not too thrilled about it till I announced that I would give 50 extra credit points to the kids in my class who did one, then they decided to join in. We were so surprised to find out how well they all did. Sister Wilbanks had to award a first, second, and third place winner (cash prizes) and 8 honorable mentions. We had a lot of fun the whole day and the kids really enjoyed the contest.

Benjamin made a rocket. (It looks more like a space shuttle but he was proud of it.)

Jacob made a bird house. John showed him how to make an origami bird with flapping wings.

Third place went to James and his Love Bug.

Second place went to Austyn and his robot.

First place went to Drew and the Titanic.

Here are some of the others.

And then there is mine, The Love Shack!!!


Tina said...

Oh my word!! These are sooo stinking adorable!! These kids worked hard!
Miss u!!

Michelle O said...

They were all great. Well worth the free day.