Friday, April 16, 2010

Fast trip to Oklahoma

We just got back from a fast trip to Oklahoma and was able to squeeze in a little fun time with the family. The boys got to run a little at a park and then we all went to eat at a place called "Pops" on Route 66 by lake Arcadia. We all had fun the boys enjoyed looking at all the soda bottles in the windows and the giant soda bottle out front lit up when it got dark. I hate that the trip was so fast and the boys really miss their cousins and everyone a little more after they get to be with them but it was worth it to see them playing and having fun making good memories.
Playing by the river walk.
At "Pops" on Route 66.

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Mom said...

Isn't the "POPS" bottle awesome, especially with the 4 little shadows in front?? Cute!