Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Benjamin's Birthday

I was looking through some of my previous posts and realized I have not posted anything from Benjamin's birthday several months ago. He had an army party. John made a cake that looked like a battle field (minus the blood), and he set up an obstacle course in the back yard the kids were to do while we pelted them with water balloons. Brother Jeff and Sister Bridget came and helped us with the course and we think they had fun also. Toward the end while we were waiting on parents to come and pick up the kids, Graci and Lilly found the costumes in the boys room and decided to give them a try. Here are some of the pictures.

Here is the cake.

I used the video when Ben ran the course so I did not get any pictures of him, but here are some of the others.

Here is a picture of our helpers.


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