Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jacob is NINE!!

Last week, my sweet Jacob turned nine years old. I can hardly believe the time has gone so quickly. We did not have a big party this year. Jacob just wanted to have a few friends over for a camping spend the night party. Gage, Jordan, and Salvador were the chosen few. the boys started off the party by finding a birds nest that had been knocked out of a tree in the back yard surrounded by 3 dead birds and 1 still alive. They then played hard, went whale fishing, had hot dogs and cake, made a campfire to roast marshmallows, then talked in the living room till 1:30am when they finally passed out. John set up the tent out back so they could sleep outside but a couple of the kids were a little scared so they all decided to just camp out in the living room. Gage was a hoot!! When Jacob asked who was having fun, he did not raise his hand and when Jacob asked him why Gage smiled and said "It is OPPOSITE day!!!" They all laughed as loud as they could then that became the motto of the night. At around midnight when John and I were trying to calm everyone down to get ready to go to sleep Gage hopped up on the couch and declared "I am nowhere close to going to sleep!!" He was right, he held on till 1:30am. Everyone stayed the whole night and we considered the party a BIG success!!

Here is the baby bird that was found.

The cake I made.

What was left of the cake.

Gage fishing for whales! (pretzel sticks dipped in peanut butter to catch whale or goldfish crackers.) They all really enjoys this.

Campfire and roasted Marshmallows, YUM!!

Jacobs big surprise was a pair of roller blades. We were quite surprised at how well he is already doing with them.

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Kimiopia said...

Well, Happy Birthday Jacob!! Austin says, "Happy Bday, O-Cee". I guess Jacob will know what that means. How cute!
You sure had your hands full of fun, huh!
Love ya'll~The Wiseners
ps-what happened to your little bunny rabbit??