Sunday, October 17, 2010

School Spirit!!

This past week was dress up week for Cornerstone Christian Academy. There seemed to be a little more participation this year, although that may have something to do with having uniforms this year, haha. A lot of good ideas. Monday was Nerd Day and Tuesday was Famous Duos Day. I have not loaded the pictures from Wednesday or Thursday so I will post those later.
Here are a few from Monday, Nerd Day:
Our Principal Sis. Holly

Seniors Dez and Patrick

My Nerdy Boys

And Nerdy ME!

Here are a few of the cute Famous Duos:
Pebbles and BamBam

My David and Goliath

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

An OREO Cookie and a Tall Glass of Milk!!

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The Unknown Artis said...

I'm gonna kill you!!! I can't believe you put that pic of me on the internet!! I never even check these blogs anymore, but just happen to today and what do I see?! You are in sooooo much trouble young lady!