Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jacob In the Double Digits!!!

Yes I am late but I finally have time to sit down and blog!!

My dear Jacob turned "10" last month. We had a BLOW OUT NINJA party! Activities included a water balloon fight, Pinata, hot dogs and birthday cake. I am not sure if you have ever tried to find any ninja birthday stuff but it is next to impossible. The NIGHT BEFORE the party we still did not know how we were going to decorate the cake when I ended up calling my sister, who bakes and makes her own fondant, for her recipe. Thankfully it turned out to be very easy but VERY MESSY!!! We had powered sugar and marshmallows EVERYWHERE! Both boys and I were rolling and cutting out ninjas and stars and swords. We had a blast. I hate I did not take any pictures but we were in such a hurry, we did not think of it and the camera would have been covered in sugar, lol. Jacob was excited "HE" made his cake.

Here are some of the pictures:
Listening to the rules for Water Balloon fight. Even our dog Boots was listening, lol.

Granny and Garrett

Everyone trying to pelt Jacob.

Micaylah going after Samantha, Love It!

Can you see the balloon bouncing off Johns back?

John David cooling off with a water balloon of his own.

I did not get good pics of the pinata but here is one.

The cake. Notice the candles. You light the first one and the rest catch from it. All but 2 lit. Pretty cool huh!


Thanks for looking!!!